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My name is Daniel Siemon

Personal Life:

I have 4 Great Kids; Brittany, Joshua, Ellianna and Allison. Family is the most important thing to me. Spending time with my kids is my greatest joy.. 
My Kids are very active.. Brittany is an avid trumpet player.
Joshua is a typical teenage gamer,Ellianna a very active toddler and Allsion the baby of the bunch. 

For adult fun I like to sing, I participate a lot in Karaoke. I Play Guitar,  Play Pool, Watch Movies, Go Dancing, and travel.

Other Hobbies include Electronics, and learning new things such as Philosophy, Physics, and Quantum Mechanics.
Yep, your typical geek!!

Business Life:

I have been in the IT field since the mid 80’s and have always been on the leading edge of technologies. I specialize in Mobile App Development/Responsive Website Design and various other IT services. 

Visit http://www.GoGreenPaperlessInitiative.com to learn more.

Below are some other projects

Visit http://www.TheSoupCookOff.com to learn more.